Ecig vaping benefits

Smoking affects different people in different ways, so the benefits of ecigs will vary as well.

The use of e-cigarettes in Australia is not yet endorsed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) due to their safety and effectiveness not yet being determined to the satisfaction of the relevant health authorities - and it's a similar situation in other countries.

It's people like me and thousands of others who have been unofficial "guinea pigs" in regard to using these devices - but they have been in use for nearly a decade in some parts of the world.

Being a guinea pig was a risk I so far have been very pleased to have taken as I feel there was no alternative for me. I would have smoked until I dropped; which could have been sooner rather than later given the way I was starting to feel.

At the time of originally publishing this page, I was approaching the 8th week of my electronic cigarette experience. Aside from saving money (around $200 a week at today's tobacco prices for me taking into account what I'm spending on ecigs), I had already experienced many other benefits - and some happened within 24 hours of switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes. The following are some of the benefits I noticed within the first couple of months.

  • No longer nauseous in the afternoons
  • Hyperglycaemic type symptoms greatly decreased
  • Resting heart rate reduced by 20%
  • Sense of taste improved
  • I could stand up quickly from a squatting position and not feel as though I was going to pass out.
  • My balance improved.
  • Reaction times improved.
  • My clothes, my house and my car no longer stank.
  • I became more sociable and confident
  • I wasn't as irritable
  • I was hitting the ground running in the mornings
  • Energy levels generally have improved throughout the day
  • I did not wake up in the middle of the night struggling for breath
  • I didn't spend the first half hour each morning coughing excessively
  • During the day, I also coughed far less and what I coughed up is old tar, which I was very glad to be rid of.
  • My ability to concentrate improved dramatically
  • I was more productive
  • Indigestion has disappeared
  • Better circulation (feet weren't so cold and I generally didn't feel the cold as much)
  • Not so sensitive to noise and tinnitus has decreased.
  • Sinuses clearing
  • Sense of smell has improved
  • My general outlook on life became more positive
  • Adrenalin production levels seemed to have decreased, which was very welcome. Small events would trigger large adrenalin rushes that were very unpleasant.
  • Cuts and abrasions healing faster

... and many more benefits. It's really hard to relay in words how taking this action made such a big change in my life, and so quickly. I was expecting improvements to happen if it was going to work, but not so rapidly.

People who know me and how hard-core a smoker I was are amazed that I ceased smoking.

Not everyone who makes the switch from smoking tobacco to vaping will experience all the benefits I have. As mentioned, I was a very heavy long term smoker. I knew I was unhealthy, but had no idea how unwell I was until I stopped smoking; as it had been so long since I had experienced living without smoking cigarettes.



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