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Given up cigarettes? Good for you! Keep track of the days you've been smoke free, how much you've saved and how many cigarettes you've avoided with this quit smoking meter generator - it automatically updates your progress by the hour! You can create a banner for use on your blog, web site, forums and other online communities. Here's an example based on my own statistics:

It's easy to get your counter - just answer a couple of brief questions, choose the image you want displayed on the banner and click the button - your quit meter will be generated. Be sure to tell your ex-smoker friends about this free counter!

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Smoke-free banner notes


* Change the number of cigarettes in a pack to suit. NOTE: If you used to smoke roll-your-own cigarettes; the number of cigarettes in each pouch of tobacco varies according to pouch size, how much tobacco you used in each cigarette and whether you used filters. Just as a general guide; each standard tailor-made filtered cigarette has around .75 of a gram of tobacco in it. So, each 30 gram pouch of tobacco will makes around 40 standard size cigarettes. Each 50 gram pack, around 67. If you work with ounces, each ounce of tobacco makes around 37 cigarettes. If you used to roll "racehorses" (very thin cigarettes), it will be of course more.

After a few months, you'll be amazed at how much money you have saved by giving up tobacco and how many cigarettes you have avoided smoking! The banner will help reinforce all your efforts and the great work you've done to help you stay an ex-smoker for good!




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